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CyberCube is mainly exploring the possibility of existence, escaping, merging, and shuttle between people in virtual and real space. It captures real scenes through cameras, and combines 3D objects with space to present virtual objects in reality. Mixed space, where there is a real performer, controls hollow LED cubes, in the mixed space, the cube and space, it will be liquid, cutting and other constantly changing, as if the entire field is a redefined organic life body.



CyberCube is the first boundary-breaking digital art project that integrates mixed reality, LED structure, computerized lighting and circus performance. Technologies utilized in this project include: real-time computerized lighting, LED mapping, wireless LED control, and mixed reality created with motion capture. The whole project is streamed online, so that offline and online audience can view the project from distinctively different perspectives. Technical media of different forms are integrated, and "streaming" is introduced to highlight the modernity of technology and art.



1. Mixed Reality 

we see how new technology and art can be combined. Therefore, the project aims to introduce mixed reality, a concept still new to Taiwan’s performing art. The project use high performance motion capture technology - optitrack, to capture the locations of cameras and objects in real-time, and to combine them with interactive development software. The development of the project was not an easy one, but we managed to complete and to steam the project online. 

2. LED Performance 

A 5-square-meters project with a height of 3.6 meters, we rehearsed in the rehearsal space of Formosa Circus Art. We had to rehearse against the hot weather in a tin house. For software, we developed our own processing console for visuals to integrate with Art-Net management in order to map visual programming on LED. We kept optimizing our setup and design until the performance began. As for hardware, the artists had to do everything from scratch, including the purchase of LED, integration, power distribution, and signal synchronization. 

3. Wireless Computerized Lightning Control Devices 

the artists had to develop everything from scratch, including lightning, power distribution, transmission of controller signals, and programmed changes of lights.


4. Internet Connection for Streaming Platforms 

One of the highlights of the performance is “streaming”.we work with Zuirens, a dedicated steaming platform with their own servers and webpage. we had to request a temporary wired connection to upload graphics from the cameras to media servers. 


Hu Chin Hsiang

The continuous creation of art and an accumulation of life experiences have led Chin-Hsiang Hu to take on various identities: artist, engineer, interactive designer, lecturer, etc. Even so, he still desires to focus his work on the creation of new media art to examine the over-development of science and technology. Each kind of creative direction expressed a different idea and required the use of different technologies. In terms of integrating technologies, the development of interactive software played a very important role in his development.

​PSquare Media Lab

PSquare Media Lab is a new media art group which is mixed with interactive programming, electronic sensor design, motion graphics design and performance choreography. We focus on Interactive Installation, Motion Graphics and New Media Performance. Ours performance project “Resonate 2” has been selected and performed at “SLINGSHOT Festival” in Athens GA, USA in 2015, performed at “Stockholm Fringe Festival” in Sweden in 2016.


The members are composed of Taiwanese digital artists. The works focus on exploring the link and interaction between sound and vision, and with this as the basis, the common scope is to expand media through spatial structures, interactive installations, live performances, etc. By trying to create new audiovisual experiences for the audience, the warmth of digital art is also transferred.

Formosa Circus Art

“Formosa Circus Art” is named after this beautiful island, Taiwan. Its purpose is to develop the various contemporary circus arts of Taiwan, mixing them with other styles of performance including traditional forms, acrobatics, street culture and theatre arts; trying to create a physical vocabulary that is unique in Taiwan. Our team members come from many different fields of performance, including among others acrobatics, juggling, dance and drama. Through this work, we have over ten full-time performers.

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Live Streaming

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Hu Chin Hsiang

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Hu Chin Hsiang

Liew Johnson

Han Cheng Yeh

Hu Chin Hsiang,Chang Fun Ju, Tsai Bing Hua

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Kuo Yen Hung

Shi Wei Jen

Hu Chin Hsiang

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Chang Lily

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